Supply Chain Performance Management (SCPM) – total transparency in the supply chain

Supply Chain Performance Management (SCPM) links internal and external information, creating transparency and a stable supply chain in the process

Supply Chain Performance Management (SCPM) links internal and external information, creating transparency and a stable supply chain in the process

Many companies are determined to improve their use of information from individual internal and external IT systems as a way of meeting the challenges of a digital supply chain.

Traditionally, planning, procurement, logistics and transport management have been separate processes. Whereas material planners determine how many parts are needed for production during the manufacturing process and order them while keeping an eye on safety stocks, suppliers use their own systems as do the transport service providers. What is delivered when and in which quantity can usually not be determined until the goods receipt. Read more ›

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SupplyOn expands range of solutions with acquisition of newtron

SupplyOn has joined forces with newtron to expand its expertise in indirect procurement

SupplyOn has joined forces with newtron to expand its expertise in indirect procurement

The trend is shifting towards fully integrated purchasing solutions. It doesn’t matter whether you are dealing with direct or indirect materials; all product groups should be procured through a standardized process to ensure that companies can operate as efficiently as possible. The procurement of production materials in the manufacturing industry in particular, however, involves very unique requirements that are not covered by many e-procurement solutions. In meeting these specific demands, SupplyOn solutions truly demonstrate their particular strength. It is not without good reason, that the configurable processes from SupplyOn are considered the benchmark in the manufacturing industry, particularly in the automotive and aerospace industries.

With the acquisition of newtron, SupplyOn is now able to provide proven expertise in indirect purchasing as well. For SupplyOn customers, this means you can now draw on many years of expertise and outstanding solutions in the procurement of non-production materials and catalog goods. Moreover, this considerably expands the global network of suppliers.

The press release on the acquisition of newtron can be found here: SupplyOn acquires newtron and expands its solution portfolio and procurement network

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Looking into the Future: Predictive Analytics in Supply Chain Management

Predictice Analytics in Supply Chain Management

Predictive analytics makes the management of supply chains easier and will play an even more important role moving forward.

As a branch of business analytics, predictive analytics is focused on making projections about relevant events in the future. Although not known by this particular term, the discipline itself has long been used to manage supply chains.

The VMI process is a good example of a long-standing predictive analytics approach. When regulating supply using VMI, the customer defines inventory thresholds that suppliers are not allowed to exceed or fall short of over the course of their deliveries. Read more ›

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How the 6th Aviation Forum contributed to the digital transformation of the aviation industry

SupplyOn welcomes its new customer Telair at its booth

SupplyOn welcomes its new customer Telair at its booth: Telair President Marko Enderlein with Markus Quicken, CEO SupplyOn

The best comes at the end: This statement again came true for the 6th Aviation Forum in Hamburg, as the last but probably best aerospace event of 2016 opened its doors to more than 600 attendees and about 110 partners, sponsors & contributors on December 6th. This event is one of the key platforms for Airbus and its global suppliers, with industry experts attending panel discussions and sharing insights.  Attendees arriving the evening before had the opportunity to visit Hamburg’s Christkindlmarkt, which allowed for networking even prior to the official start of the event.

The official event started with a factory tour, for which the attendees could choose among the Plant Tour Global Aerospace Logistics at Kuehne + Nagel’s, the Airbus Finkenwerder Factory Tour, Plant Tour MRO of Lufthansa Technik, or a Plant Tour at Diehl Comfort Modules. The author joined the Airbus tour for A320 and A380 production and did not regret it. It was impressive not only to see the assembly of the A380 fuselage, but also the final assembly of A320, with full order books for about eight years. Read more ›

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Digitalization of the aerospace supply chain – the dream and the reality

70 percent of respondents in a new study on the digitalization of the aerospace supply chain say they are convinced that digitalization can be advanced only if all parties use the same system. But the reality proves to be different. More than 80 percent of the respondents confirm having to use multiple portals to communicate with customers – and this, even though approximately 90 percent of the respondents were convinced that the multitude of different portals undermined the positive effects of digitalization.

The continued digitalization of the supply chain across all levels – as the study also clearly found – is viewed as being one of the most important measures for mastering the future challenges in the aerospace industry.

Read more ›

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Supply chain integration in aviation: AirSupply case study

Supply Chain Integration Challenges in Commercial AerospaceSupply chain integration is one of the key challenges in the commercial aviation industry. A new textbook titled „Supply Chain Integration Challenges in Commercial Aerospace. A Comprehensive Perspective on the Aviation Value Chain“, introduces successful approaches and strategies to manage these challenges. SupplyOn AirSupply is one of the solutions examined in this textbook.
Read more ›

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Successful realignment of indirect purchasing: SupplyOn congratulates its customer Bosch on winning the “BME-Innovationspreis 2016”

"BME-Innovationspreis 2016" awarded to Bosch for its innovative approach to indirect purchasing

Indirect purchasing: Robert Bosch GmbH was awarded the “BME-Innovationspreis 2016” for its strategic realignment. Laureates Simon Brandt, Jaroslav Moravek und Jörg Mimmel (all Robert Bosch GmbH, center) rejoice with Horst Wiedmann and Dr. Christoph Feldmann of BME

Robert Bosch GmbH was awarded the “BME-Innovationspreis 2016” for its innovative realignment of indirect purchasing – a step which will further strengthen the company’s long-term competitiveness.

Integrated IT solutions form a key element of this realignment – and SupplyOn has made a decisive contribution in this respect: It is only thanks to the interplay between the in-house IT systems and the integrated purchase to pay solution from SupplyOn that is possible to tie in thousands of service providers and suppliers of indirect material and capital goods to realize a seamless end-to-end process. A key part of the seamless process is the new e-invoicing solution from SupplyOn, whereby central accounting can also be comprehensively incorporated into process and IT integration. Read more ›

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Global supply chain management: AirSupply as best practice

The Springer Verlag recently published a new textbook on global Supply Chain and Operations Management (SCOM) titled: „Global Supply Chain and Operations Management. A Decision-Oriented Introduction to the Creation of Value”. It was written by the authors Professor Dmitry Ivanov and Professor Alexander Tsipoulanidis of the Berlin School for Economics and Law and Professor Jörn Schönberger of the Dresden Technical University. All aspects of SCOM are covered in over 400 pages and accompanied by a variety of best practice examples, including the AirSupply solution by SupplyOn. Read more ›

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Digitilization of the rail supply chain with SupplyOn: Faiveley Transport benefits from the network effect

Faiveley Transport digitizes its order processes with SupplyOn.

Faiveley Transport digitalizes its order processes with SupplyOn.

Digitalizing the supply chain is a top priority today – both in terms of the customer and the supplier. Faiveley Transport, a provider of air-conditioning technology, brake and door systems and a key system supplier for the railway industry, has responded to this need and decided to use the same online platform as its customers to connect its suppliers. In addition, this further expands the rail community that is linked via SupplyOn and utilizes uniform processes. Read more ›

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Easy transfer of inspection certificates with the Advance Shipping Notification (ASN)

easy transfer of inspection certificates via ASN

SupplyOn enables to transfer quality and production data along with the advance shipping notice (ASN).

We are frequently approached by customers seeking a solution for transferring quality and production data generated by a supplier as part of the manufacturing and quality assurance processes. As an attachment to SupplyOn’s electronic delivery note, the so-called ASN (Advance Shipping Notification) is exactly what they are looking for. Following the transfer, structured electronic certificate data can be seamlessly processed, analyzed and saved. Read more ›

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